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Welcome to The South Coast of Jamaica


And you are hopefully staying at one of its finest boutique hotels - LUNA SEA INN, in beautiful Bluefields.

Our guests are pleased to find themselves taking in the spectacular sea views from the property. Eating gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Catching amazing sunsets from the gazebo almost every afternoon.


However there's more! Thats right, we are located in a unique part of the island that is already set up to provide our guests with many activities for themselves and the littles one too!

Waterfalls, paddle boarding, sailing, full moon parties, river safaris, experiencing local music and culture are just outside the hotels gates.
Read more about a few of the options available to guests visiting the hotel from the menu and article provided.


Oribtz is big on Visiting Bluefields


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All tours are easily organised by the front desk, including transportation and if you like we can even provide food and drinks for your trip. Enjoy!

Water is a major part of a visit to Jamaica.

The hotel has kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling gear free to use by its guests.

Scuba and sailing excursions can be arranged easily for guests at additional cost.



If you are looking for the perfect "get away from it all" experience then look no further than the Pelican Bar, a rustic wooden bar built on a sand bank a quarter of a mile out to sea, half way between Black River and Treasure Beach. The Pelican Bar is the perfect place to spend the day being busy doing nothing, sunbath, drink beer, swim in the shallow waters, eat fresh fried fish or even bring along your fishing gear to catch your own dinner!


The Pelican Bar quite literally began life as a dream, local fisherman Floyd Forbes dreamt one night of a bar built out to sea, resting on stilts. The clarity of the dream inspired Forbes to set about building this bar, which he did by transporting large planks of wood on his fishing boat. In 2001 the bar was completed and it was named "The Pelican Bar" after the large flocks of Pelicans who rested on the sand bank. It was originally used by Floyd and his friends to sit and take a break from a hard day's fishing. However, it didn't take very long for the local hotels to recognize the enormous potential of this picture perfect serenity.


Many local fishermen are able to ferry you over to the bar from Treasure Beach or Black River - just ask in your hotel. The 20 minute journey may not suit those with delicate stomachs but the destination is definitely worth the trip. If you're lucky you may even see dolphins swimming by your boat!



 Five minutes from the hotel is one of Jamaica's most popular beaches among Jamaicans.

On weekends and public holidays, the park comes alive with the delightful smells and sounds of family picnics,

with, of course, Reggae music playing in the background.

The beach is remarkable, and large enough for everyone to enjoy his or her own space to relax and socialize on the powdery white sand or in the clear warm water.


Visit one of Jamaica's finest natural attractions!


A 30 min drive from Luna Sea Inn - Transportation easily arranged for our guests.

It is a nature-based attraction offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees.

There are seven waterfalls, several which cascade into natural pools. Some areas are fairly rocky and do not allow swimming.

Lifeguards on site, indicate which areas are for swimming, however, being able to swim is a requirement. There is a natural pool, fed by underground and above ground springs, which is more suitable for children and others unable to swim.


More recent additions to the attractions at YS Falls, include exhilarating zip lining canopy rides, which glide from the top of the falls to its base.

These adventures are accompanied by experienced guides to take care of you along the way.


In this heat its important to get out, relax and cool yourself off.

The waters of the Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Brighton, Westmoreland are said to have therapeutic properties.


If you’re feeling adventurous you can take a jump of around 22 feet in the cool, bright blue waters of the spring.

There’s a ladder for those who are feeling a little nervous, or you can take a dip in the pool which is fed with water from the same mineral spring.

Even the mud around the edge of the hole is reported to be good for your skin!

What a cool place to, well, cool off!


Discover the beauty of the South Coast with a 1/12 hour boat tour by motor launch up Jamaica's largest navigable river and through what is Jamaica's largest wetland area, the Black River lower morass.


Our basic tour takes you six miles up the river and return, during which a running commentary is given by your captain/ tour guide on both the ecology and a little history of the area. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass and many are seen during your trip.


The endangered American Crocodile (c.actus) inhabits the area and sightings are very very frequent.


The wetland vegetation is of special interest with three species of mangrove, Thatch palms, Royal palms and freshwater swamp forest dominating. A not-to-be-forgotten experience.



Packaged and Priced Perfectly for You


We create your ideal yoga retreat, tailored to your needs, - providing healing, wellness and life purpose while empowering you to share your soul with others. Through yoga practice and mission with a local children’s organization, a retreat at Luna Sea Inn will awaken your higher awareness and raise your social consciousness - truly feeding your mind, body and soul.

Together, we work with you from designing the trip, itinerary, culinary, workshops, give back mission, practice sessions, and more....offering a poetry of food choices, tour excursions, space, etc.


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After your day tour, Luna Sea Inn is ready for you to sit back and take in some of the most amazing sunsets Jamaica has to offer.

Either on your private veranda, in the gazebo, or by the bar, with a cold Red Stripe, sit back and enjoy the show!